Mallin Colorado Cabanas, Chile

Mallin Colorado is located in the Region of Aysen on the shores of Lake General Carrera, in Chilean Patagonia, 273 Kms. to the south of Coihaique on the Austral Highway. it is, a long way from anywhere, in stunning scenery. The cabanas are luxurious, the food is excellent and the owners extremely hospitable. The area is scarcely populated and most of the land is national parks or protected areas.

Mallin Colorado is an Eco lodge. The maximum capacity of 18 people ensures that visitors receive exclusive and dedicated attention. Mallin Colorado hosts its clients in cabins built of native wood, with excellent views of Lake General Carrera. Each cabin is isolated and provides a private and peaceful environment that is harmonious with the local landscape. They are rustic, comfortable, and elegantly furnished cabins, surrounded by a park of native tree. They have hard wood floors, beds with natural down comforters, box spring mattresses, wood stoves, and ample windows with views of the immense Lake.

They offer excellent food. You sit down at table with the owners and converse with them over dinner. They prepare homemade and traditional dishes with fresh vegetables from their garden and healthy meats of the region. The food is cooked over a wood fire in clay pots, with lots of love and care. A very nice place to stay

They don't want the rivers dammed for electricity here. Arriving at the Cabanas Mallin Colorado
Lake in the area Relaxing with a wood fire
View from inside and same view from outside
Walk along the lake over stiles
along the river and back along the lake
Owners of Cabanas Mallin Colorado Our cabana
Lupins along the road to Coihaique Dirt road with lupins
Lupins View of dead trees killed by volcanic ash
View of dead forest killed by volcanic ash Passed more high mountains
over mountain passes and more snow capped peaks

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